Trying Vegetarian Pig’s Heart in Yangon Myanmar

After spending the day at Shwedagan Pagoda, we walked back to our hotel near the water to rest for awhile.

Later on in the evening we decided to venture out to a vegetarian restaurant that was near by. The restaurant is called Vegetarian Centre. The owner man was so friendly! He gave us a nutty rice dish for free and some orange slices!

I ordered a vegetarian pork skin dish that was spicey. Jives ordered a vegetarian fried fish dish. Both dishes came with a big pot of rice to share, hot chili oil and veggies to cool the pallet. As well, there was Chinese tea to drink on each table.

The dishes were really good, my “pork skin” was pretty spicy, and I struggled like the white girl I am (my spice tolerance isn’t terrible to be fair…).

As we were leaving, the man told us “see you tomorrow” quite a marketing strategy, but it worked. We had dinner here the following night as well!!

We then headed to the corner store near our hotel to buy a beer, before retreating back to our room, however this corner store had the beer locked up, which Jives had read happens sporadically. We decided to check one grocery store before heading back to the hotel, where the beer was not locked up.

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