Top Sakura Viewing Spots 2020 |Cherry Blossom Season in Japan!

Here is a video we made, all about our favourite spots to see the Sakura in Japan!

Here is a video we made, all about our favourite spots to see the Sakura in Japan!

Firstly, as is our style, we didn’t intentionally set out to visit Japan during Sakura season. In trying to find a time that worked for all three of our work schedules, we landed on March, late March. We knew that Sakura season was BIG in Japan, but none of us realized that it would arrive in March (we assumed April).

As fate would have it, the Sakura arrived early in Japan, and we arrived in Tokyo for the prime Sakura viewing week!!!!

Here are the top spots we were able to enjoy the Sakura in Japan. (To Book Train Travel in Japan Click Here)

We saw our first cherry blossoms in Nikko

1- Our First Viewing in Nikko

It was brief! Since we were in Northern Japan in late March, we saw very few blossoms, but we did manage to see a few in Imiachi near Nikko.

Nagano Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura


Nagano was the first place that we were able to sit and have a hanami party under the Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura. Hanami is basically a Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura viewing picnic with family and friends.

Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen Park Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

3- Kenrokuen in Kanazawa

There Plum blossoms were still out in force in Kanazawa, but amongst them we were able to see some Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura!

Nara Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

4- Nara

Nara was full of Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura and deer…and tourists. We were still able to find a few secluded spots to enjoy the sakura on our own!

secret park in shibuya Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
secret park in Shibuya Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

5-A Tiny Park Between Shibuya and Harajuku

We were walking from Shibuya to Harajuku when we stumbled upon one of the best parks for Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura that we visited during the whole trip. We immediately grabbed a beverage and some snacks and enjoyed this secret location (Link to location) Jingū-dōri Park.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

6- Ueno Park

Probably the most popular spot in Tokyo to view the Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura. There are so many trees in bloom that it is still worth braving the crowds to see the blossoms here. Lots of stalls are set up to sell traditional snacks and beverages. Go early (sunrise) if you want it to yourself.

Gotokuji Temple Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Gotokuji Temple Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

7- Gotokuji Temple

Famed for it’s shrine to lucky cats, Gotokuji also boast a lot of beautiful sakura trees!!

Kamakura Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Kamamkura buddha Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

8- Kamakura

Everywhere you look in downtown Kamakura, you will find Sakura. Go to some of the off-the-beaten-path Temples to get the Sakura to yourself.

Osaka Castle Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura

9- Osaka Castle

FULL OF people enjoying Hanami, but still worth the visit!! There is lots of space here, so you can easily find a spot to sit and enjoy a hanami party.

Asakusa Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Asakusa Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura


Nagoya Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura


We loved finding the small patches of sakura, so that we could enjoy it all to ourselves! Nagoya has lots of little shrines that are bursting with sakura!

Ghibili Musuem Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura
Ghibili Museum Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura Mitaka

12- BONUS X3 Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

There is a beautiful park right behind the Ghibili Museum that is full of Sakura trees! Also, all along the stream that connects the Ghibili Museum to Mitaka station, you will find Sakura.

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