Nagano to Kanazawa Japan

Here is the video we made of our journey from Nagano to Kanazawa
Plum blossoms in the Samurai district, Kanazawa Japan

I woke up at 6am and went downstairs to have coffee. we packed up slowly and left our airbnb in Nagano around 8:45am. We then walked to Nagano Station where we found some breakfast to eat on the train ride to Kanazawa. (To Book Train Travel in Japan Click Here) Jives and Gaby got some baked goods, while I went for a delicious looking vegetarian bento box and a glass jar of sake with a sakura blossom in it.

Arriving at the train station in Kanazawa Japan

A nice man helped us purchase our train tickets to Kanazawa, from the JR automated machine, so that we could skipped the long lineup. These tickets were free with our JR pass.

The samurai district in Kanazawa Japan

We boarded the train at 10:01am sharp, and headed to Kanazawa. The ride took about one hour.

The samurai district in Kanazawa Japan

We then walked to our hostel which took about 30 minutes. I was much warmer than Nagano or Nikko, but it was sooo windy. We dropped our bags off at the hostel , but we couldn’t check in until 3:00pm.

The samurai district in Kanazawa Japan

We decided to go explore the Samurai district and look for somewhere to eat lunch. Eventually we found a place to eat (a place that would become the most memorable eating experience of our entire trip). A super friendy lady stepped out of her shop and told us to come in!

Gaby with Adam Lambert, at the Adam Lambert obsessed lady’s shop in Kanazawa Japan

We had gyoza and curry… but that wasn’t what made the experience so memorable. The lady was obsessed with Adam Lambert. Her walls were covered in posters of him and she was playing his music on repeat. She came over to our table to ask if we knew Adam Lambert, super enthusiastically!!! She then explained all about his success in American Idol and gave us free cookies because we were “good customers”. I hope one day she gets to meet Adam Lambert, she certainly was his number one fan!

Oyama Jinja Shrine Kanazawa Japan

We then explored a gorgeous temple near by called Oyama Jinja Shrine. The gardens were so pretty.

The Geisha district in Kanazawa Japan

We then walked to the geisha district . This area was filled with many old wooden buildings.

Kanazawa Japan

We then walked to the Kanazawa castle, before heading back to our hostel (K’s House Kanazawa) to check in.

Castle Kanazawa Japan

We had a kombini dinner in the hostel common room and then returned to our room to watch some Japanese television before bed.

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