Nikko | Kanmangafuchi Abyss and Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum

Taiyuinbyo Shrine Nikko Japan

After trekking up the cedar lined trail to Takino-o Shrine, we decided to visit Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum. This is where the 3rd Tokogawa Shogun is enshrined, the grandson of Ieyasu. Admission is 550 Yen. This shrine was set into the mountains and you had to climb many stairs to see it.

Taiyuinbyo Shrine Nikko Japan

This shrine was gorgeous! There were lanterns donated by Daimyo feudal lords to the Shogunate.

Taiyuinbyo Shrine Nikko Japan . Mausoleum

We then descended the mountain and left the national park in search of food. I had a delicious tomato and cabbage Ramen and Gaby and Jives had a cutlet on rice (katsudon).

Vanishing Jizo Statues at Kanmangafuchi Abyss Nikko Japan

From here we walked along the river to the Kanmangafuchi Abyss, where the Jizo statues are (children spirit statues). The little red hats of the statues contrasted so sharp against the green valley and vivid blue waters. The Jizo are often called Bake Jizo or Ghost Jizo because if you count them walking down and then back up the valley, you will not get the same number twice. The Jizo children are known to disappear and reappear into the mist.

Vanishing Jizo Statues at Kanmangafuchi Abyss Nikko Japan

We took the train back to Imaichico for a relaxing night of 7-11 food and warm kotatsu! (I also bought a daruma doll along the way).

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