Harry Potter Sights in Edinburgh, Scotland: SELF GUIDED WALKING TOUR

Here is a video we made about all the Harry Potter sights we saw in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is known as the place in which JK Rowling wrote the first few Harry Potter books. You cannot go a few feet without seeing a reference to Harry Potter or a memorabilia store selling overpriced Harry Potter Merchandise.

Harry Potter Shop in Edinburgh Scotland

Aside from all of these Harry Potter shops, there are quite a few things you can see and do in Edinburgh for free if you are a Harry Potter Fan.

NUMBER ONE: Victoria Street

Victoria Street in Edinburgh Scotland

Our first stop on our self guided Harry Potter tour of Edinburgh was Victoria Street. Victoria Street is said to be where JK found inspiration for Diagon Alley. The shops are all so crammed together, and I can see how this would inspired Diagon alley. A lot of the shops are now Harry Potter themed and there is even a Weasley themed joke shop.

Harry Potter Shop in Diagon alley aka Victoria Street.
Greyfriar cemetery entrance.

NUMBER TWO: Greyfriar’s Cemetery

To the left of Greyfriars Bobby pub, you will find the entrance to Greyfriar’s cemetery. This cemetery is know for being the name inspiration for many of JK Rowlings’s characters. Here you will find the grave marked “Thomas Riddle” as well as “Mcgonagal” and “Moodie”. If you look really hard , you will also find a “Potter” or two.

All the names we found were on the far side of the Flodden wall. To see the exact locations, watch the video I have linked above.

NUMBER THREE: The Elephant Head

The Elephant House in Edinburgh Scotland.

There are many cafes in Edinburgh that claim JK Rowling wrote her iconic books there, but none have been as verified as the elephant house (near grey friar’s kirkyard). Many other pubs and coffee houses around the city have signs that say “JK wrote Harry Potter here too!!!”, but this one shop has been confirmed by JK herself.

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