Edinburgh, Scotland | Exploring at night

Edinburgh Castle at Night

We arrived in Edinburgh around noon, and settled in to our airbnb. As soon as we had dropped our bags and grabbed a quick refreshment, we set out to see as much of Edinburgh as we could!

Here is a video we made of our night time Edinburgh Adventure!

Firstly we set off in the direction of the Royal Mile. Between our accommodation and the Royal Mile we encountered Calton Hill, home of the National Monument and Nelson’s monument.

Greenside Church on Calton Hill

We then stumbled upon a place that looked great for lunch, Howie’s. The menu featured vegetarian haggis, and I saw this as my chance to try the iconic dish. Jives tried the original haggis, and loved it!

Haggis and vegetarian haggis at Howie’s in Edinburgh Scotland

After fueling up, we set out again on our adventure towards the Royal Mile. We stopped at an old cemetery along the way.

Calton Hill Cemetary in Edinburgh Scotland

We made it to the south end of the Royal Mile and rambled our way along the iconic strip, towards Edinburgh Castle. We stopped many times along the way, including at the iconic St.Giles Cathedral.

St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Scotland

We really loved wandering off of the touristy Royal Mile, and exploring the tiny closes and passageways along the sides of the strip.

Tourists and the Edinburgh Castle

We eventually made our way to the final stop on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle! We decided to hike down from the peak, and explore the area down below the plateau, including the Princes Street Gardens.

View of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens

After this, we decided to head back to our accommodation and rest up a bit before heading out on a night time adventure to see Edinburgh Castle lit up at night.

Edinburgh Castle at Night

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