Wandering Plovdiv pt.2

Plovdiv’s street art game is strong

Day two in Plovdiv was short but sweet. After a delicious included breakfast at our hostel, we wandered off in search of the Nebet Tepe’s Ruins. The walk took us about two minutes from our hostel.

exploring the ancient ruins on Nebet Tepe hill. 

After this, we wandered around the city more, and stumbled upon more and more Roman ruins. Before heading back to the train station to purchase a train ticket and make the 2 hour journey back to Sofia.

Old city walls in Plovdiv Bulgaria

More Roman Ruins in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We came across a lot of incredible street art on our way to the train station. The street art was one of our highlights in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

a video we made about our time in Plovdiv

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