Bangkok Sights Day 2


Grand Palace in Bangkok

We started our morning off with complementary breakfast before heading to the Grand Palace. Along the way, we encountered two separate people that tried to convince us that the Palace was closed, never believe this!! The walk took us about 15 minutes from Khaosan road.


It was soooo hot! Grand Palace Bangkok

In order to enter the Palace, you must be dressed appropriately. The dress code here is maintained like no other temple I’ve ever been to. You must cover your legs and shoulders 100% and those tights that women wear as pants are not appropriate. Also, you cannot be wearing clothing that is torn or distressed. In the 42 degree heat, Jives began to melt wearing his jeans, but I think it was worth it for the experience.


Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace entrance fee is 500 Baht (about 20$CAD) which might seem a bit steep, but remember that the entrance goes towards the maintenance and security of this incredible sight.IMG_20160223_220647268.jpg

There is so much to see within the Palace complex. We spent at least an hour walking around the various buildings.


Grande Palace Bangkok

Immediately after the Palace, we returned to the hostel so Jives could change out of his temple garb before melting into a puddle or sweat.


Weird lumpy thing on Khaosan Road

We then decided to head to China Town to explore the markets and find food to eat. We easily spent an hour walking through the covered market and looking at all of the things for sale.


China Town Bangkok

From China Town, we headed to MBK shopping centre, because we had read that there was a Muay Thai match that you could see for free every Wednesday at 6pm. Unfortunately the fight night was on a hiatus while we were there (February 2015) but should be reinstated now. A bit disappointed, we headed back to our hostel to find food.



For our last night in Bangkok we had dinner at a place on Soi Ram Butri, along with a few beers, and watched the people go by.GOPR1482.JPG

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