Laos to Thailand by Train!


We started the day off with our complementary breakfast out on the porch again! We really enjoyed the hotel, and our secluded little porch surrounded by greenery! Could not recommend http://www.salalao.com/sala_inpeng/content/inpeng.htm Auberge Sala Inpeng enough! We then walked around the downtown portion of Vientiane again, taking in a few last sights. We stopped for three separate meals!!DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROWe took a Tuk Tuk to Thanaleng train station, which proved to be in the middle of nowhere. We had a bit of difficulty getting a ride to the train station, but Jives had a brilliant idea to take a photo of the train station online and show it to the tuk tuk driver! We arrived at Thanaleng train station and went through Laos immigration.We then waited in the train station for our train to arrive to take us across the border to Thailand, while waiting we spent our last Laos Kip on tasty beer Laos.


The train that makes the 15 minute shuttle between Laos and Thailand


Waiting for the train to Thailand


Shuttling to Thailand

The train from Thanaleng (Laos) left at 5:30pm and arrived in Nong Khai at 5:45pm with time to go through Thai customs and catch our train to Thailand. We purchased our ticket from Nong Khai to Bangkok from 12goasia two months prior to our trip and received them in the mail. We would totally recommend this company!!! We have used them many times and they are awesome! We had a private 1st class sleeper cabin to ourselves, very very basic and a bit gross to be honest.


Our cabin in “sleep mode”


Our cabin in “seat mode”

The train was slightly delayed, so the journey took roughly 10 hours. We got into Bangkok around 6am.

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