Caving in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam Day 2: Caving in Halong Bay

Our second day in Halong Bay was pretty chilly, approximately 14 degrees celsius! We bundled up and took a smaller boat to one of the islands to explore a cave there.




After the cave adventure, our boat slowly made its way back to shore, signifying the end of our time in Halong.

Given that the weather was so unusually cold, I would love to make a trip back to Halong bay to experience it a bit better. However, our time spent in Halong Bay was lovely, and we were able to tick an incredibly impressive item off our bucket lists!

Once we arrived back in Hanoi, we had a few hours to explore the Old Quarter and find some dinner. We ate at a vegetarian restaurant that we stumbled upon on a side street in the old quarter. Jives had lasagna and I had a tofu stew, both completed with a Hanoi beer!


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