Jetting off to Tokyo

Japan Day 1: Jetting off to Tokyo

Our decision to buy a flight to Tokyo was a very fluid one. I was browsing flights online, as I do for fun, (everyone needs a weird hobby) and came across a very cheap flight to Tokyo. Toronto to Detroit to Tokyo/Narita…800$ USD with Delta !!! Jives had never been outside  North America before, but when I approached him with the idea, he immediately said YES! So that same week my Otaku and I booked a return flight to Japan!

We left October 20th 2014!


-Jives 3rd country visited

-Holly had been to Japan twice before, but never further than Kamakura and Tokyo!

Once we arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport we were treated to an amazing upgrade! Our Delta flight had been overbooked, so Delta put us on a direct flight from Toronto to Narita with Air Canada.

… and so the 10hr and 50 minute flight began (Jives very first commercial airline flight).


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