🇪🇬 Cairo’s CRAZY Street Markets!

Here is a video we made of of time exploring the crazy markets and Islamic Quarter of Cairo

After exploring the complex of Sultan Qalawon, we wandered further down the streets of the Islamic Quarter of Cairo Egpyt. We saw many more mosques and hookah shops.

Cairo’s CRAZY Street Markets Islamic Cairo

Although I am not 100% sure of the name and can find very little information about it online (let me know if you know the name) we visited a gate further down the street with an elaborate wooden roof system that covered the roadway. It was much taller than any gate I had ever seen. My best research tells me it was called “Babzuweila”, but I am honestly unsure. 

Cairo’s CRAZY Street Markets Islamic Cairo

We then walked through a fabric market before walking through a very authentic local food market. It was an intimidating place to visit, but incredibly interesting all the same! A man from the back row of the market yelled out to us “buy my broccoli” in perfect English! He must have sensed Jives was there, because broccoli is Jives’ favourite!

Cairo’s CRAZY Street Markets Islamic Cairo

We wound through the market on our way to the citadel. Once we made it to the citadel, a man told us it was closed for prayer time (he was probably trying to lure us to another location because he told us to follow him). I really only wanted to see the citadel from the outside anyway, as I was getting very tired, so we walked along the outer wall and fortifications and took some photos. We then walked about 30 minutes to the closed metro stop and took that back to out hotel where we relaxed a bit on our balcony and had some snacks and juice.

Cairo’s Citadel in Islamic Cairo Egypt

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